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Infinity - Sweet Dreams
Infinity - Sweet Dreams

Infinity – Sweet Dreams | Electrification Nation

German producer and remixer of house and pop music, Infinity, in collaboration of Aexcit, has released Sweet Dreams. Within a short time of its release, the track surpassed 3 million streams on Soave Records. The Nuremberg DJs mix their own unique styles and music profiles to craft a monument of uncontainable and irrepressible dance music!

Veiled vocals lined with breezy and twinkling synths open the song. The dance-pop number is electrified by the unbridled beats and catchy lyrics. Bubbling with euphoria and passion, the synths emerge from the song like purple fireworks. With graceful transitions, the vocals flow with a contrasting simplicity.

Streaming synths groove to the addictive beats to put on a colors show! Wholly engaging and transfixing, the track magnifies sensations and stimulates the mind. Trippy and bewildering, the combination of smoky vocals and exhilarating melodies elevate your mood instantly. You cannot help but getting lost in the jungle of synths and branching vocals.

Characterized by transfixing vocals and divine synth mixes, the stunning track is utterly liberating. With a world-wide audience, the German DJs have created a musical jubilation of the finest order.

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music and Apple Music!

Listen to Sweet Dreams by Infinity here –

Infinity – Sweet Dreams

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