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Big Mountain County – Where Are You? (Tropicantesimo Remix) | Distinctive Allure

Big Mountain County is a Rome, Italy-based four-piece band. From the beginning, these lads have prioritized great live performance and sweaty psyche rock. The band has gained widespread popularity in recent years thanks to European tours and appearances at events including Sziget Festiva, Binic Folks Blues Festival, and Rome Psych Fest.

As a result of these shows, the band’s first album, “Breaking Sound,” sold out of first press vinyls, causing Gas Vintage Records, the band’s label at that moment, to rush a second pressing. They’ve released a few albums since then. However, the band has recently released a new single, “Where are you,” which was later remixed by Tropicantesimo.

The song has got a whole new touch, because of Tropicantesimo. The beats are hypnotic and make you groove effortlessly. Have you felt this way before? You’re listening to music and suddenly, you’re not just listening anymore—you’re *living* it. It’s like every chord is a part of you. Like every note was made for you to hear, like every song was written just for you to discover at that moment. You’re moving with the beat and swaying with the melody, diving deep into the divinity and diversity the music world can offer. Well, I felt this way when I listened to Big Mountain County’s version of “Where are you?” featuring Tropicantesimo.

This song is unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. There’s no way to describe it except that it’s amazing! This collaboration between Big Mountain County and Tropicantesimo has been a resounding hit, and I suggest everyone go listen to the fantastic track and enjoy the exquisite trip.

Enjoy listening to Where are you? (Tropicantesimo Remix) here.

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