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Vidorra | Green for Go | Unique sound | Singer songwriter
Vidorra | Green for Go | Unique sound | Singer songwriter

Vidorra – Green For Go | Vidorra’s Unique Sound

“Green for Go” is the debut album by producer, singer and songwriter – Vidorra. The album showcases his diverse range of influences, blending elements of EDM, rap, and even a hint of psychedelia. His unique sound and style are evident throughout the album, providing listeners with a fresh and exciting listening experience.

The opening track, “Your Birthday”, sets the tone for the album with its driving bassline and anthemic chorus. The song is a great introduction to the Vidorra’s sound and style, and it immediately draws the listener in. The second track, “Pizza”, is a more laid-back, yet still upbeat, song. It showcases Vidorra’s vocal ability to play with different tempos and styles, which is evident throughout the album. This track has a very old school bassline with new age auto tuned vocals that make it stand out in this album.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Here we go again,” which features a strong vocal and a catchy chorus that will have listeners humming along. The song’s lyrics are introspective and thought-provoking, and they are a great example of the Vidorra’s unique sound and songwriting talents. It also features a really cool bassline that just makes you want to get up and scream with Vidorra!!!

The album also features a few more mellow songs, such as “Dropping the Light Switch” and “Upside Down,” which show a different side of the Vidorra’s unique sound. These songs are more upbeat, and they showcase the band’s songwriting talents in a different light. Its as if the album is a journey through all the sub genres of rap. With every track shedding light on a different style, all masterfully crafted by Vidorra!

Psycho is a out of the box track that just makes you question what this album is really about! What is going on in Vidorra’s head? Is he supremely talented or is it that he just can’t make up his mind?! Then again, he ends with Happiness which just jumps back to the original Vidorra sound.

The album’s production is high quality, with every instrument sounding crisp and clear. The band’s musicianship is also evident, with tight playing and solid song structures. The vocals are also noteworthy, with the lead singer’s voice fitting perfectly with the band’s sound.

Overall, “Green for Go” is a well-crafted album that showcases Vidorra’s unique sound and style. The diverse range of influences is evident throughout the album, and it provides listeners with a fresh and exciting listening experience. His songwriting skills and musicianship are also noteworthy, making this album a solid banger for the season.

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