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Klashing Black – Aiming High | Trouble Shooters

Klashing Black, a band made up of twin brothers Kane and Kyle Benner, has just released a new song called ‘Aiming High’.  In the writing, there is a sense of self-exploration and reflection. The song strikes on so many internal nerves that it will become so familiar to many of us. The phrases are true reflections of the ongoing struggle to achieve one’s goals in life. The relevance of self-doubt and self-introspection is handled so openly in the song, which is truly remarkable. Furthermore, the song’s entire arrangement is a good match to the songwriting’s themes. The vocal performance is likewise of exceptional quality, with the correct delivery and enthusiasm maintained throughout the song.

The song’s correct emotions are brought forth by the powerful hitting beat. The song has a little sense of tension to it, which works well with the ideas expressed in the lyrics. The guitars also contribute significantly to the song’s overall atmosphere. Another outstanding feature of the song is the synthetic textures, which add to the track’s energy. The bass and percussion are, in my opinion, the song’s most prominent features. The rhythms and tones are so enticing and blend in so perfectly with the song’s overall vibe. The writing has the ability to connect with a large number of listeners, and the sensitive nerves would undoubtedly find a voice for many.

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