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Ease & Taste – High Flying Birds | Taking Part in Life

Ease & Taste, a Berlin-based production duo, has released their stunning new tune ‘High Flying Birds,’ which transports you to another world. The tones of each instrument are so well thought out that the Lofi Textures instruments have a lot of character and accuracy. There is a sense of striving for perfection when it comes to producing highly attractive melodic lines, with a focus on acquiring the proper tones, as well as clarity and elegance in giving it the right character and spot in the balance. We can hear the instruments singing to us. The Guitar picking rhythm successfully shines through, and it immediately connects with us. We discover moments of stillness in the atmosphere among such vivid layers.

As we drive the path we travelled, there is a sense of observations, a tale that we are watching through the window. As we meet a variety of personalities along the way, there are many overlapping thoughts from the past. We stare, contemplate, and are mesmerised by the courageous beings that surround us. Inside, there’s also a sensation of travelling. The synthetic ingredients also encourage us to see through our own deep layers, to overcome our inhibitions, and to live a life of total freedom and contentment. The expressions are very perfectly conveyed, and each instrument’s tones are so alive. As we end our listening session, the theme cycle continues. I’m hoping that the music readers will have a strong emotional response to the composition.

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