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ibbi Too Vicious - Closed Doors | Off The Grid 
ibbi Too Vicious - Closed Doors | Off The Grid 

ibbi Too Vicious – Closed Doors | Off The Grid 

ibbi Too Vicious, a Pakistani-American band coming from Ohio usually has influences of a punk subculture. Through their recent single Closed Doors, they explore this genre even further by meticulously talking about the right to privacy through the song’s crisp lyrics.

The song starts off with energetic beats, which is typical of ibbi Too Vicious. However, as soon as Ibrahim’s mellifluous vocals kick in, you know you are in the right place. The beauty of this song lies in Ibrahim’s measured and highly rhythmic vocals and the nuances he adds to the most simple of things, which ultimately make the whole song worthwhile. Closed Doors has got some intense beats that many punk lovers would fall for. You could easily derive joy from the strong beats and soft vocals. This track is a classic pop-punk number that has a perfect blend of music, lyrics, vocals, and synchronisations that complement each other in just the right way! 

When it comes to lyrics, it is a casual narrative talking about the right to privacy. Closed Doors explores the importance of keeping some matters to yourself for the sake of personal contentment. Not everything has to gain the limelight. From intimate encounters to wild experiences, keeping some affairs to yourself provides a unique sense of freedom. And this is what the lyrics talk about in a very unapologetic manner. When combined with energetic beats and excellent vocals, Closed Doors makes for a great fun-loving, vigorous track.  

This pompous number by ibbi Too Vicious can easily make for an interesting addition to all your happy and upbeat playlists. You ask me what’s the perfect setting for this track? I say, a long car ride with your secret lover (or, just lover!), Closed Doors playing on the radio, while you both sing out loud its lyrics without any fear of who’s watching. If this is not perfect, then tell me what is! 

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