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Ruebi-Clown | Poke the darkness

Not to foreshadow, but there has been some killer German music coming out this week. Rammstein are back with Zeit, and I’m here listening to a German Dark Wave Post Punk artist who will remain nameless. In a way. Ruebi releases his newly discovered self with Clown, an experimental cornerstone for this influential artist with a lot to say.

Inspired by the lies of New Order, DAF and Fad Gadget, this artist embodies the new wave movement with his own colors. Dominating and powerful, his track mixes the excitement of electronic sound. With the dark desire of post-punk music that drew a lot of the world to this tone, he achieves nirvana. Concubine’s funk riff being dissolved into a digital dilemma and his disco fever song. With his new track Strange that released recently, this man is not one who is shying away from experimentation. There is a natural embrace there.

Let’s Go had a heavier sound of electronica dominating Ruebi in sound and soul. Within a few singles this year, this artist has shown his true range and love of creating these masterful pieces of art that monetize on monotony and are a spit on the face of how technology is used as a crutch now. Using the same tools but with creative output, this is a dark wave sound that cannot be purchased.

Come experience it here with Ruebi:

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