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Adrianos - Give Us A Kiss | Rock Ballad
Adrianos - Give Us A Kiss | Rock Ballad

Adrianos – Give Us A Kiss | Rock Ballad

Adrianos is an Athenian singer and songwriter based in London. He also is a huge lover of poetry. His debut track called Give Us A Kiss is a sweet rock ballad that will make your day. 

Give Us A Kiss is a song that starts off slow and soft and goes on to become an intense musical affair. With its artistic richness and extraordinary musicality, Give Us A Kiss brings to you an amazing experience. Those who love slow-paced rock music will absolutely love the track. It is a simple yet gorgeously crafted song. Each and every element is nicely woven together so that the listeners don’t get perplexed by its complexities. Even though the song appears to be simple, it has elements that not everyone would be able to grasp. Only those with a certain level of musical understanding will be able to understand its musical richness.  

Give Us A Kiss is a song that lures you further into its peaceful realm, through its poetic lyrics. The song has a certain retro vibe that makes it even more enjoyable. Its slow-paced feel adds a unique charm to the air around you, leaving you wanting for more. 

Give Us A Kiss, overall, is a great song with unique lyrics and pleasant soundscapes that will drive you closer to peace. The lyrics are playful and poetic. Adrianos has done an amazing job on this track!

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