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Wham Bam! – Kiss Me | Happy in Love

Nico, who lives on a farm in the calm Karoo in South Africa, and Gideon, who lives on the island life in the Channel Islands (UK), formed ‘WHAM BAM!‘ and express the delight in love in their newest song ‘Kiss Me’.  The music is extremely upbeat and will genuinely affect us. It is noteworthy that the emotion is so perfectly conveyed through the writing, and that the mood is further raised by such passionate performances. The song’s upbeat pleasant nature will absolutely appeal to listeners, and the feeling is so friendly that it will help you let go of all your fears and celebrate the love that we all share. The mood would surely make us feel carefree and simply want to jump around and focus on having a good time, which is simply fantastic.

The tone is rock in terms of the arrangement. The guitars take centre stage and drive us through the song. However, we can feel the organs enhancing the primary melody. I adored the song’s structure, which is so solid that it flawlessly transitions from verses to pre-chorus to chorus and bridge. The drumming is perfect, and the claps and rides add to the intensity of the song. The enthusiasm and singing worked incredibly well for me. These features would largely keep listeners interested, and the song as a whole has a pleasant mood, which I believe would make listeners enjoy the space and cheer together for Love.

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