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frank joshua - patent leather car
frank joshua - patent leather car

Frank Joshua’s “Patent Leather Car” features Glistening Notes and Intoxicating Harmony

Experience the distinct music of Frank Joshua, a remarkable London-based singer-songwriter. Frank’s music transports listeners on a thrilling journey with a blend of sentimental lyrics and catchy sounds. His piano sections, which are influenced by jazz, provide a lovely touch to his works. From tender vulnerability to a touch of grit, Frank’s sound caters to a mature audience searching for depth and introspection. With a warm and intimate production style, his music offers a refreshing escape from the ordinary. Drawing inspiration from the North London alternative scene of the late 80s and early 90s, Frank’s passion and dedication shine through in every track he creates.

Frank Joshua consistently delivers, and this song is no exception. Words fail to capture the ethereal, delightful, and seamless musical arrangement. The entire work is a dreamland, combining fast beats and mellifluous melodies that possess a melancholy touch to it, providing an extremely rewarding encounter. Frank’s vocals possess a rare enchantment that never fails to captivate me.

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The retro touch infused into the music evokes nostalgic echoes of the ’70s and ’80s, enhancing the song’s essence. The lyrics possess a profound depth, effortlessly conveyed by Joshua’s vocals. Thematically, “Patent Leather Car” tells a tale of love and trust issues.

The gradual build-up leading to the chorus further adds to the melodic beauty. I was totally drawn to the chorus line, “Oh, you tried to go too far, In your Patent Leather Car, The worst things that you said, Are now dancing in my head.” The song is elevated to new heights by the instrumental interludes, which combine electronic and organic elements. They whisk you away on a sonic journey that you can’t soon forget. This genre-bending masterpiece deserves millions of streams!

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Enjoy listening to “Patent Leather Car” by Frank Joshua here.

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