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MARQ ELECTRONICA | Be yourself Tonight | Electronica | Retro
MARQ ELECTRONICA | Be yourself Tonight | Electronica | Retro

MARQ ELECTRONICA’s “Be Yourself Tonight” – A Nostalgic Journey into Electronica’s Retro Revival

MARQ ELECTRONICA takes you back to the good old days of retro electronic music. A combination of both synths and traditional instruments gives birth to a unique style in the current world of music. With driving basslines and percussions that are cloaked by mystic vocals to give you a star trek disco effect! Electronica and Funk together make for a fun genre that just suits most situations. Whether it’s a walk in the park, the beach or even an evening at the gym – MARQ ELECTRONICA’s latest single will be your companion!

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MARQ ELECTRONICA is from the North of England and is a die-hard fan of electronica and funk. As you can clearly see in his peculiar style of music. He is also a part of the synth rock band – Sapien Trace, and many others. He lends his voice, lyrics and musical prowess to artists around the region to create a lot of collaborative projects! His music style is somewhat retro electronic but the mix is surely modern, if you know what I mean! What makes MARQ ELECTRONICA stand out are the vocals that remind me of something from the 80s! I can’t quite put my finger on it!

The song starts off with a haunting melody that seems to create anticipation for what’s about to come next. Just as you have this thought, a riser indicates that the bassline is imminent. The bassline sounds like a tropical house bassline that just drives the listener forward while also giving them the space to relax. A beautiful feeling, like relaxing on the beach waiting for the sun to set so we can go PARTY! Then, just as the vocals pour in, the feeling of nostalgia kicks in. This kind of music was the anthem of the early years of electronic music.

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The percussions offer another layer of complexity to the mix, but what MARQ ELECTRONICA has really nailed is the transitions. With perfect risers and crashes, the arrangement is flawless. Coupled with a good mix, ‘Be Yourself Tonight’ is a top tier electronica track!

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