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Mumbo-Swing My Hip
Mumbo-Swing My Hip
Mumbo-Swing My Hip

Mumbo-Swing My Hip | The dance floor beckons

If you want to hear passion in music, there are places to go. There is a plethora of indie artists who are exploiting the limitations of their genre. Mumbo is one of the. The duo of Dough MacGowan and Emma Semple have been testing the limits of their musical skill, and being at it for some time. This is their latest catchy single, Swing My Hip.

There is a certain magic that Mumbo have manifested. Doug’s guitar and Emma’s melodic pitch and like peanut butter and jelly. They just go together, and there seems to be no better combination. This track is a tale of a running riff, around which these two stellar musicians have played a game of merry go round. The vocals change, there are noticeable guitar flourishes and the textural depth of what they have created stands out.

I Fly with Swallows was their 2021 album which saw them introducing themselves. Very soon, they released their first single the next year, Right Here on The Ground. They have been exploring relatable, melodic compositions that you can loop for the whole day without it getting anything close to mundane. Right now, they’ve got me in a dance mood with Swing My Hip.

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