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Fly Away – Atomic Bronco | Relaxed

From Austin, Texas, and London, UK, comes the indie/alt-rock band Atomic Bronco. Atomic Bronco is a production and songwriting project by Kyle Nuss that combines an intriguing array of indie, alternative, garage rock, lo-fi, and classic rock genres. A one-man project, Atomic Bronco now presents the single “Fly Away”. Keep reading for my review of the track!

The start of the song is mellow, with the acoustic guitar that foreplays up to the groovy, simple four-on-the-floor drum beat that sets the stage for the vocals. The vocals, speaking of such, are relaxing, intimate in delivery and presentation, and are complemented by the subtle harmony games going on in the background, all wrapped together by the lilt of the bass guitar, which makes this song a beautiful number to listen to at lower volumes while you hum softly to yourself– at least, that is what I consistently found myself doing.

The production of the song is what I can describe as pleasant, soothing, and easy to listen to– blending elements of soft alt-rock, with the temperament of an overdriven electric guitar that would make itself feel at home in a sober number like this song, just as well as it would in a Slash solo. The mix has space, with subtle trickery with some delayed vocals, all while still revolving around the central theme, keeping things cohesive and pleasant to listen to.

With “Fly Away”, Atomic Bronco presents a beautifully laid back, soothing number (I, for some reason, cannot seem to accentuate this enough) that is sure to add a little calmness to the mayhem on a Monday morning– which, for me, it did beautifully. Check out the song here!

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