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Snakedoctors – Friday Night | Hours of joy

The new song ‘Friday Night‘ was recently released by four buddies who formed the band ‘Snakedoctors‘ in Gdansk, Poland. The songwriting catches the vibe of a Friday evening in a unique way that eloquently conveys all of the events. The music is kept simple and repetitive, and sung with a bit of seriousness, which truly makes the song so unique in terms of delivery and composition. It lends a slight comedy to the song’s flavour. This kind of delivery would surely entice listeners to connect with the writing and enjoy the music. As the song played, the moments in the writing that came one after another truly kept me involved and intrigued.

The production is largely driven by the rhythm and a tight bass line, which quickly sets the tone for the song. Soon after, the music enters a multi-textural zone of synthesisers, which is once again fascinating. Overall, the energy in the music remains consistent and maintains a high level of excitement. For me, the delivery is one component that determines the song’s flow. The direct tone of the writing, which is amplified in the performance, truly sets the mood for the song. I had a great time dancing to the music since it gets so addictive after a few listens. I’m confident that the writing would keep listeners interested and put them in the mood for Friday.

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