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Schuz- Let it Go
Schuz- Let it Go

Schuz’s ‘Let It Go’: Energetic Synths, Masterful Beats, and an Intense Beat Drop

Embark on a captivating journey with Schuz, the extraordinary producer from the Pacific-Northwest. His mesmerizing piano performances ignited a lifelong passion for music. With training from Point Blank Music School and a place in ill.gates’ revered “Class of 808,” Schuz blends bass, trap, and dance effortlessly, transcending boundaries. Each note is a portal, transporting you through time and space, evoking emotions. Prepare for a sonic expedition guided by Schuz’s visionary artistry. Let his music ignite your soul and the dance floor, crafting masterpieces that etch into your musical journey. Experience pure sonic bliss with Schuz’s alchemical touch.

Schuz has come up with a new single “Let It Go.” I absolutely enjoyed the whole ride! The song begins slowly. It gradually builds up its momentum.

“Let It Go” is an electronic masterpiece, displaying a remarkable depth of musical layers that showcases the sheer professionalism and skill behind its production. The incorporation of various electronic elements adds to the song’s allure. In particular, the drum work stands out as it propels the composition to new heights.

What truly impressed me was the top notch beat drop. Its execution is flawless, injecting a surge of energy that resonates with the listener. The repetitive singing of “Let it Go” throughout the song adds a somewhat trippy element, complemented by glitchy musical elements that work incredibly well together.

The track takes an exhilarating turn midway, transitioning into an energetic synth section that grips the listener’s attention. And then, suddenly, the beat drops again. It left me in awe of its intensity and masterful arrangement. The song concludes on a high note, with keys, synths, and beats harmoniously converging to create a captivating finale.

Listening to “Let It Go” is a transformative experience. It possesses a magnetic quality that urges you to release all worries and inhibitions, providing a sense of liberation.

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We recently had an opportunity to chat with Schuz, the mastermind behind “Let it Go .” Read on to know more.

1.      Hey, Schuz! Congratulations on your latest single, “Let It Go.” Totally digging the vibe. I felt like “Let It Go” takes listeners on a captivating journey through space and time. If you had to describe this journey using visual or imaginary elements, what would they be?

A: The visual that can be described through the track is someone’s past thoughts or experiences they’ve had and their journey to overcome said challenges.

2.      The transitions in the song, particularly from the energetic synth and percussion section to the dropping beat, create a sense of exhilaration. How did you approach crafting these transitions to maintain the listeners’ engagement?

A: A lot of great music composition is using reference tracks, listening to other music and getting feedback from other people you respect in the industry. I’ve always been drawn to piano type elements and wanted that to be the bed for the vocals which keep the listener engaged. The bass synths in the drop are all resampled with my own twist of sound design to create the scratch type bass that is heard.

3.      Could you expand on how you approached incorporating the keys to maintain the melody throughout “Let It Go”? How did you decide on the specific melodies and harmonies that would enhance the overall musical experience?

A: Generally when I am starting a track I will decide on the key I want to write the song in and will use a variation of appregio plus other midi devices to create a more organic sound. For this track, every instrument I used I made sure to A/B the sounds together to make sure they complimented one another vs being a distraction.

4.      “Let It Go” made me feel liberated and free! Was it your intention to create this emotional impact, and if so, how did you go about achieving it?

A: Making impactful music really starts with your story. If you want people to relate with your music you need to describe some relevant that people can gravitate towards. For me, I’ve always been taught that the past shapes the future, but doesn’t define who you are as a person. Being able to “let go” and move forward with your life was my hope and message to portray.

5.      The new single has such an intricate layering of electronic elements that create a rich and immersive experience. How do you approach balancing all those different layers to ensure that each one has its moment to shine without overwhelming the overall composition?

A: This really comes down to mixing and getting feedback from others. Additionally, this was almost a two year track in the making, because of me wanting to take time and ensure I had everything dialed in. One thing that I learned from training at Point Blank, the Producer Dojo and other artists is gain staging aka leveling. Most times your track can be overwhelming with too many sounds. Deciding on what takes the main stage and is complimentary helped me decide on different mix decisions as I was finalizing the track.

6.      With a rich musical background and education, what advice would you give to aspiring producers who are looking to develop their own unique sound and make an impact in the industry?

A: My biggest call outs here are the following:

       1) Music takes time so DO NOT compare yourself to others. Everyone has their own path to evolving and it’s not the same for everyone

       2) Practice, Practice, Practice. One major thing that I took away from the Producer Dojo (shout out ill.gates) is time beats. Use a 30 minute timer and time box yourself into 5 minute chunks. 5 minutes for drums, 5 minutes for basses, etc. This way you can not be criticizing yourself as you are creating art and will get your ideas out there

      3) Network; get feedback from others, join a discord community with similar interests and goals, attend a music production conference. The list goes on and on, but networking is key to learn about the industry and expand your influence.

7.      I would love to know more about your time at Point Blank Music School. How did your formal education there enhance your skills as a producer? Did you discover any new techniques or perspectives that you
incorporate into your music?

A: This was my first introduction to electronic music production. I grew up taking piano lessons from my parents and played as a young child. However, these didn’t necessarily translate to composition, sound design, and mastering. Training is a big part of growing your toolset and is definitely a recommendation for those getting started in the industry. For me, I was able to confidently build house tracks and release music post classes with Point Blank. 

8.      What can we expect from you in the future? Any upcoming projects or collaborations that you’re excited about?
A: This year I have two festivals I will be playing plus more upcoming music to be released. Stay tuned for more vibes!

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Enjoy listening to “Let it Go” by Schuz here.

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