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Amelie Patterson-The War
Amelie Patterson-The War
Amelie Patterson-The War

Amelie Patterson creates an acoustic haven with her latest single, “The War”

Amelie Patterson brings honest poetry to flood a listener’s psyche. Some artists would prefer flowing into a more mainstream sound because of natural production conditions. Amelie dives deeper into her idiosyncrasy, the very essence of what makes her such a unique musician. Her vocals cradle you to a place of comfort, or despair, if she chooses it. This is her latest single, The War. 

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Amelie Patterson writes acoustic prose

For an acoustic song, it is a unique and nuanced opening you hear. It isn’t to delay the words from their impact, but to actually soak in what has been written. Filtered carefully with flourishes and acoustic aesthetic, it pushes for a singular purpose. Working with Will Maclellan (Phoebe Bridgers, Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift), there is no doubt the dexterity and detail of the sound would be captured. The tone is still carried by Amelie Patterson and her expressive voice, as she delivers the lyrics as she feels them. It is an emotional breath of dense air, and will invoke goosebumps if you follow the lyrics carefully. If you hadn’t heard her garner the strength and significance to her other tracks as well, she has outdone herself here. The War might be one of her best singles, without a doubt. 

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Her 2016 album Roll Honey Roll is full of entertaining, expressive songs. With Let Your Trouble Go, she tapped into the inner voice of many troubled souls during the pandemic. Reflecting and self-reflecting, there is no surprise as to why so many connect with her. Listen to her single here and feel the emotion therein:

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