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Brothers in Vain "Ran Away from Hell"
Brothers in Vain "Ran Away from Hell"
Brothers in Vain "Ran Away from Hell"

When Brothers in Vain “Ran Away from Hell” To An Emotive Alt Rock Journey

Swedish band Brothers in Vain’s latest single, “Ran Away from Hell” is a heartfelt alternative rock song that will have you feeling nostalgic for the mid-2000s. Hailing from Piteå, Sweden, are influenced by Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eats World, Green Day, and Weezer, among others.

The band’s radio-friendly pop rock, punk, and classic rock sound has made them a hit on the gig circuit in Piteå and Luleå. Formed by middle school classmates in 2018, the band consists of Petter Vikström on vocals, Viktor Öberg on guitars, Joel Fredriksson on bass, and Sebastian Nordaneldh on drums.

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The fuzzy electric guitars in the verses are strummed aptly, giving the song a warm and inviting sound that draws you in from the first note. Rhyming lyrics of the verses are emotive, telling a story of moving on from dark times to better days. Sturdy and well-rounded drums, along with the distorted guitars, balance the feel of the song and add to its catchy sound in the chorus. The single artwork, featuring a varied multicoloured watercolour painting of an eyeball with a woman’s face in the cornea, perfectly captures the emotional journey of the song by Brothers in Vai.

With its raw and anthemic sound that provides a solid foundation for the unforgettable hooks and sing-along choruses. It has a relatable quality and introspective lyrics which would resonate with listeners and create a memorable and compelling aural and sonic experience that truly connects. “Ran Away from Hell” by Brothers in Vain is a perfect emotive alternative rock, pop punk song, with a silver lining message and energy to savour. One to stay with you.

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