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Rise of Asura with ‘Droid’: Uniting Metal Punch with Danceable Fervor

Hailing from Fredrikstad, Norway, is a metal trio known as Rise of Asura, comprised of members Benjin Zane (handling vocals and guitar), The Frank (on bass), and Herman Hollywood (managing the drums). They embark on journeys through various subgenres and sonic landscapes, diligently seeking the elusive equilibrium between captivatingly intense emotional expression and unbridled chaos. On their latest track, “Droid”, they bring an upbeat, danceable tempo with the punch of metal. Keep reading for my thoughts!

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There are some songs that disappear into the background, serving to soundtrack your day, but then there are some that capture your attention with the charisma that they bring; compelling you to put aside whatever it is you are doing, and listen. While both these things are good in their own right, this song is solidly in the second category. From the very start of the song, the upbeat jovial nature of the song immediately captures your attention and makes you listen in more detail.

It is a Fiesta of elements coming together to bring you the perfect Symphony here– from the animated, lively guitars, to the drumming that has this marked, distinctive precision to it, on to the vocals and the seemingly infinite layers of harmonies that come bundled with them. All of these elements come together to bring cohesively a message to the listener that quite effectively hits the home run.

The execution is also nothing to scoff at, either– all of these elements seem well thought out, and placed together with rhyme and reason, yielding a polished sound and piece of finesse to this track that I quite appreciated through the runtime of this song. The production, the mixing, and the mastering of the song all firmly glue themselves to the central themes, command the central motifs, and overall create a highly listenable product.

In conclusion, “Droid” by Rise of Asura is one of those songs that you keep coming back to, and for good reason. The song definitely deserves to be your earworm on your playlists this week. check out the song here:

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