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Stars in Coma-Repeat the Narrative
Stars in Coma-Repeat the Narrative
Stars in Coma-Repeat the Narrative

Stars in Coma-Repeat the Narrative | The soul will sing

A little story before we begin. I was obsessed with this album by a little known singer-songwriter called Pink Moon. The artist was Nick Drake, and he died tragically young. Not only were his ideas emotive and conversational-he was tied to his music. Like a connection to the ether. Stars in Coma might as well be a reincarnation of that brilliant artist. The new release is called Repeat the Narrative.

Andre Brorsson is the origin of Stars in Coma. Call it pop, alternative shoegaze or slowcore-the evocative nature of the music persists. This particular song has the chime of the guitar, with happy, moving chords. There is a hidden moment of new wave in it, but isn’t leaned into. The guitar flourishes and accoutrements are simple relief from what could become the monotonous chugging of the background. The vocals are completely unmasked and raw, so they call you in to actually read and understand the lyrics. What would it take for some peace of mind /Cause society won’t cater to us?

This band has constantly pushed their envelope of musical experience and knowledge since the beginning. You’re Still Frozen in Time is ironically still relevant as a piece of art, only growing in value. Albums have been created on a regular basis, the releases being the highlight for fans many a times. Stars in Coma not only understand what they’re putting out, but attempt to help us do so too. There is a soul to music again.

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