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Mark Vickness-Alluvial Fans
Mark Vickness-Alluvial Fans
Mark Vickness-Alluvial Fans

Mark Vickness-Alluvial Fans | To weave wonders and magic

There are parts of Mark Vickness that will stay with acoustic guitarists everywhere. The jazz musician is a composer that is an instrument polymath and loves constantly creating. His album Places (2017) and Interconnected (2020) are on Spotify for you to listen, but I recommend watching the videos. Seldom do you get to see the musicians enjoy the composition and process. This is Alluvial Fans.

If Mark Vickness wants to show gratitude for his fans, he’s done it in too wholesome a way. Armed with his acoustic guitar, he creates this masterpiece of an instrumental, with highs lows and everything in between. As you can see in the video below, there is excitement in the musicians’ eyes when they contribute to what is flowing glass being formed. With a fingerstyle riff in between, Mark Vickness allows each instrument to shine, while still keeping the percussive ring of his guitar going. By the time the confluence of Indian and Western music happens with the tabla, he has a comprehensive piece that conjoins to create a dominating, layered enterprise in itself.

If you want to hear more of his true musicianship, head over to his Spotify or better yet, his YouTube channel. Loads of his fans wait patiently for his compositions, intriguing and brilliant. For a new tempo and beat, there is a different arrangement that steals the show. Mark Vickness is truly a great, cognizant composer of music-and this is testament to those who have supported him.

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