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CROPTAL – Variation
CROPTAL – Variation

CROPTAL – Variations | Enchanting Wood

Israeli keyboard player, composer, and producer Tal Yaniv aka CROPTAL forges his second album of mostly instrumental tunes Variations. Tal, a 1967-born musician, is the Avtibus band keyboardist and co-producer. He composes, records, and creates electronic and experimental music as in his solo career. The piano, synthesizers, and computer-controlled drum and percussion instruments form the foundation of the project’s soundtrack. The name is a direct translation of Tal’s full name, “Yaniv,” which in the Hebrew language denotes a crop or produce.

The album consists of nine tracks in total. It consists of a musical theme or motif plates on the piano on the first track of the album. We then get eight variations on a variety of instruments and arrangement styles.

Tal’s second solo album is titled Variations. A fundamental theme is followed by a number of variants in this concept album, which is based on the structure of the traditional variation. It is a musical voyage through several musical genres and styles, ranging from minimalist to epic and from acoustic to electronic. Each song makes reference to either the piano theme or earlier songs.

The first track is Theme – Piano. This is a tune that conveys moods of reckoning and retrospection. Beauty with dark undertones. Variation I – Strings is the second track. We get to hear the first variation here. A magnificent theatrical aura is created with the magical string section. Variation II – Synths and Samples is the third track. Here the song makes use of some galactic synth production with the application of organic elements. However, by the middle of the song, we get a complete change in mood, music, and feel, creating a sense of grandeur. Virtuosic genius by CROPTAL!

The third song is Variation III – Piano Trek III. From a modern and contemporary classical feel, we move to modern electronic music. Featuring futuristic beats and tones, this electronic dance pop song makes stunning use of arrangements and vocal samples. You will groove and revel in the composition of this song. While the previous song is a dance track and full of celebration, with Variation IV – Electronic, we get a calmer and sober mood. Variation V – Woodwinds features electronic synth production and a serene contemplating arrangement.

We get masterful music experimentation with Variation VI – The Smithy. Featuring vocalist Maddy Prior, the penultimate song is Variation VII – Blacksmith. With some virtuosic delivery and the creation of a Celtic/Medieval harmonic character, this song is a highlight of the album. Finale, Variation VIII concludes the record. It feels like the perfect music for space exploration and solving the mysteries of the universe.

Variations by CROPTAL is an ethereal, cinematic, mesmerizing instrumental electronic fusion of contemporary classical and electronic elements.

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