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Minhy - Dead Of The Night
Minhy - Dead Of The Night

Minhy – Dead Of The Night | Storytelling

Minhy is an Australian-based artist. In every sense of the word artist, she is a visual and aural storyteller. Minhy is driven by her family’s refugee journey from Vietnam to Australia. Her ability to craft a story using both the spatial as well as temporal spheres shows a great sense of art. Drawing influence from various genres, she blends R&B, Electronica and Pop to create a custom sound. Her music sounds like a mellifluous combination of Alicia Keys, Grimes, Kimbra and Banks.

Dead Of The Night is a track that makes use of all the elements at Minhy’s disposal. Her ability to craft beats that work dynamically with her synths and pads is impeccable. Her voice is so enchanting, drawing in her listeners with how hollow it sounds until it fills the room. The melody that Minhy works off of is simple, yet magnificent. Her lyrics are so introspective and reflective. Minhy does a great job to engage her listeners with her stories. She shares a personal connection with her music that draws you in.

I really enjoy listening to Dead Of The Night. It’s a track that talks about good and bad – specifically the good from the bad. Additionally, the track seems to empower you with those hard-hitting 808s breathing life into you. After all, She comes alive / in the dead of the night.

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