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Crabitat - Kings | Upbeat 
Crabitat - Kings | Upbeat 

Crabitat – Kings | Upbeat 

Crabitat is an indie hip-hop musical venture that stands out because of its unconventionality. With intrinsically refreshing numbers, Crabitat has gained a following of special listeners who love eccentric and unique music. With Crabitat, there is always an element of surprise and that is its best quality.

Crabitat recently released a song called Kings. Kings is a song that would oomph up your day, doesn’t matter how bad. It has some unique elements that make it an interesting song. Even though it’s not for everyone, only those with an ear for good hip-hop music would understand the worth of this track. As they say, only rare people stumble upon the art that’s rare in itself. And if you have stumbled upon Kings, it’s only for the good.

The song begins in an interesting manner and maintains this exciting angle of itself throughout the track which undoubtedly keeps the listeners hooked to the song. The best thing about the track is its unconventionality. It might be nothing like what you have heard ‘cause everything about Kings is super fresh. The deeply exciting and interesting lyrics are sung in an even more exciting manner. The song gives off amazing vibes which instantly creates an aura around you. You feel like grooving onto it and once the song ends, you realise how you feel like playing it on a loop. 

With unique freshness, a never-head-before quality, an interesting pace, and awesome production, Kings makes for a great listen for all the hip-hop lovers out there who are looking for fresh music.

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