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Fer Guinea - Awaken | Spiritual Embodiment 
Fer Guinea - Awaken | Spiritual Embodiment 

Fer Guinea – Awaken | Spiritual Embodiment 

Fer Guinea, an ardent Mexican singer, songwriter, and producer, has released a brand-new EP that is nothing like what I have heard in a long time. 

Awaken feels like a spiritual embodiment of everything Fer Guinea is. Her artistic colours find a perfect place in this EP. Not just artistic, this album feels like an embodiment of who Fer Guinea is, as a person. Every element and nuance in the album appear to be reflective of her as a person. It feels like a deeply personal album, with elements that are close to Guinea’s heart. 

The songs are so zen that they will transport you to a whole another world. They form a perfect setting for you to relax and even daydream about your wildest fantasies. The tracks uplift you, encourage you to become closer to nature, and to yourself. With overall soft tunes and mesmerizing beats, the tracks create an air of zen around you that fills your soul up. One could even call the tracks spiritual. With mellifluous beats, transcendental vocals, soul-stirring rhythms, there is nothing that can’t be called mesmerizing. 

With music that is a fine, measured, mix of R&B and Soul, each and every track feels like a treat to the ears. Moreover, the beauty of the album lies in the signature zen vibe that you will find in each and every track. While Awaken (Intro) does the work of establishing the track’s aura, the songs that follow add life to it. Head Up is a track that feels amazing in the first listen itself. But such is the beauty with every other track on this album. High is another track that almost feels psychedelic. Other tracks like Moment in Time, Tryna Get Some, and Deep Down, have the same psychedelic effect, more or less. 

Another major characteristic of the album is that every track has very vivid beats. With a sheer flow, melodic rhythms, and extremely vivid beats, you enjoy everything that the songs have to offer. Beats are the reason why the EP feels uplifting. With a sheen of joy here and there, one could also call this EP livening. It has a charm to it that you would fall for in the very first listen itself. Moreover, Fer Guinea’s sense of mixing and production are so impeccable that these tracks do not feel like the work of a single person. Each and every track feel like an outcome of Guinea’s sheer ingenuity as a singer, songwriter, and producer. 

Overall, this whole EP, like I mentioned before, is nothing like what I usually listen to. With its first track Awaken (Intro), you realise this is going to be a unique and marvellous affair. And it surely turns out to be one. 

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