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Coma Beach’s Nothing Right (Single Version)
Coma Beach’s Nothing Right (Single Version)
Coma Beach - Nothing Right (Single Version)

Coma Beach’s Nothing Right (Single Version) Is Perhaps the Song That Rock Music Lovers Are Looking For

Get ready for some fierce, out-and-out raw music as you tune into the latest single by a Coma Beach, Nothing Right (Single Version). Tracing its origins to Germany, the band consists of five members who are B. Kafka on vocals, Captain A. Fear on guitars, M. Lecter on drums, U. Terror on bass, and M. Blunt on rhythm guitars. Together, these five prolific musicians bring a new-age punk rock soundscape through their music, where the traditional influences of the genre, such as Ramones, Sex Pistols, Joy Division, etc., are noticeable.

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Nothing Right (Single Version), Coma Beach’s latest single is a song from their 2021 album known as The Scapegoat’s Agony and the recent release is the single version of this track. The song is heavy in terms of music as well as lyrics because it is uplifting in a weird sense because of the vocals and the balanced loudness of the overpowering guitars and drums. Besides the overall vibe of the song, there are certain specific factors that deserve special mention such as the tightness thof e rhythm section that involves the bass, drums, and the rhythm guitar. Additionally, on top of the strong rhythm section, the lead guitars and vocals stand tall keeping their individuality alive. So, a heavy, hard-hitting rock music lover will be in for a treat with this particular song.

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So don’t wait any longer and quickly check out this amazing track and you can listen to it here:

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