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Gabriel Vianello-Immaculate Colour
Gabriel Vianello-Immaculate Colour
Gabriel Vianello-Immaculate Colour

Gabriel Vianello rewrites jazz into pop tunes with his latest EP, “Immaculate Colour”

Gabriel Vianello wants to shatter stereotypes associated with certain genres of music. There is a natural flow of composition that comes to him while challenging the norms. Either call it his inner metronome or just the things that make him tick, but there is a lot to learn from his music. Maybe, his heart beats in 5/4. This is his latest EP, Immaculate Colour. 

Your music attempts to blend the seeming border drawn around jazz making it “a musician’s genre” and making it more accessible to people. What are some ways in which you have been able to do it?

The fact that jazz can be so free and doesn’t have to have any rules is exactly what makes the genre so appealing to me. My songwriting originally comes from a more pop standpoint, listening to artists like the Beatles and Michael Jackson, who generally have a tight structure to their songs. 
What I’m trying to do with my music, especially on the Immaculate Color EP, is blend those tight pop song structures with the spontaneity of jazz.
The result, I hope, is that my music gives off the vibe of being unconstrained and effortless, when in reality, the songwriting is very methodical. On Immaculate Color EP, all the songs’ melodies were written first, followed by the chords. Writing songs this way allows the melodies to be more expressive and boundless, and the chords are simply accompanying the melodies however necessary.

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The colour has the story

It is no LSD trip, but is no trip down to your office as well. Gabriel Vianello wants you to remember melodies with some poetry associated with it. Hear Open Lungs, for example. The jazz chords are difficult to follow, but there is some harmony in how they come together. His vocal patters take that route less taken as well. This leads to some well crafted visuals-while the relatable beat pattern is something you can latch on to. By the time the verse comes around in its third repetition, the arrangement is etched in your head as well.

 The pop dance jumps like “I Will be With You” are like Tom Misch’s explorations into the genre. How did you create this composition?

Much like the other compositions on the EP, “I Will Be With You” was written with the vocal melody in mind first, followed by the chords and all the instrumentation. The beats were the final layer of the song, and were heavily influenced by the rhythms of Bjork. 

I am always trying to blend multiple genres in order to create something new and refreshing. Writing a song like “I Will Be With You”, which is reminiscent of jazz standards, and adding electronic beats to the mix was an attempt at giving the listener a refreshing new perspective on a more traditional style of music.

For I Will Be With You, he gives you a pop groove, with the jazz touch once again. This leads to some interesting patterns to be formed. Your connect remains in the pop part, where you’re dancing along to these beautiful, bespoke chords coming together like a garland. The smaller flourishes become highlights as well, the synth effects and how the palette changes shades. As someone who enjoys music, he will give you something to hold on to, while exploring a whole universe of sound. 

Exploration is his strength

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The R&B world of “Be This Way” is something of a soft shift within the EP. Is this one which is popular among people who have listened to it?

It is! My music tends to have a more upbeat, fast-paced energy, but more recently, I’ve been experimenting with softer instrumentation and have been pleased with the results. It’s rewarding writing with various genres in mind and coming out with a piece of work you feel proud of.

From 2018’s Sentient EP to now, what are some things that have been definite markers of progress for Gabriel Vianello?

I feel that my skills as a music producer are probably the most obvious progression. Since 2018, I’ve learned a lot more about recording, mixing, mastering, and making a song the best version of itself that it can be. Alongside that, I feel that my range of influences has become more extensive as well.

In the past couple years, my interest in jazz and electronic music has greatly impacted my songwriting and creative process. It is definitely gratifying looking back on my previous releases and seeing how far I’ve come.

The dance track in Mind Trigger is thinly veiled. You find yourself moving to it almost instantly. The riff is a retro catch-me-up. There is a swinging disco spine around which his challenging style comes together. Gabriel Vianello wants you to hear songs with lyrics you have never even associated before. The R&B soul of Be This Way is a spotlight on his ability. Tones become crisper and cleaner. The palette is limited to fewer colours, but more textures. Art is in the execution, while exploration becomes the listener’s choice in a way. Little memorable solos are peppered through this single as well. Warms the heart as much as it puts a smile on your face.

What he feels about the future

What about touring and live performances? Which are your favorite songs to perform?

These days, I’ve been performing mainly in St. Louis, Missouri, where I currently reside. But I have every intention of performing around the US as soon as it’s feasible.
My favorite songs to perform live are probably “Mind Trigger”, “Today”, and an unreleased song titled “Major Splendor”. Those songs have so much energy and are so fun to play live, I can’t help but smile whenever I perform them.

Today closes out this immaculate EP (borrowed inspiration from the title, sorry). As much as it challenges the kind of music you might be used to, it has the same vocabulary in many ways. Gabriel Vianello wants you to know that jazz is not complicated and something to disassociate from. His signature sound and style is wholly his, something that he will forge over the next few months or years.

Is there a plan for an album or some more singles this year after this one?

Absolutely! As mentioned before, I have an unreleased song titled “Major Splendor” which I plan on releasing later in the year. My influences and the style of music I am creating are constantly changing, and I have no way of knowing exactly what will come to mind next. The next album could be a meditative post-punk soundscape or a guitar looping extravaganza. I just ask my listeners to keep their eyes and ears open and hold onto their hats!

Listen to his singles like Loopit and Innocence-A-Flutter to explore more of this artist. When you have your flippers ready, you can dive into immaculate colour as well:

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