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shock value - when lightning strikes
shock value - when lightning strikes

“When Lightning Strikes” by Shock Value Is an Energetic Rock Album Like No Other

Shock Value is a high-energy pop punk-rock band from Sioux Falls, SD. Shock Value has a devoted audience is poised to make a huge impression in the pop-punk scene because of their addictive tunes, enticing hooks, and adrenaline-charged performances. The band was formed by lead vocalist Nick Bader, rhythm guitarist Nick Roach, lead guitarist Matt Rice, bassist Corey Gross, and drummer Zach Dresch. Each member contributes their own musical history and influences, resulting in their distinct vibe. Their music combines nostalgia and innovation with powerful guitar riffs, driving rhythms, and anthemic choruses.

Shock Value’s new album, “When Lightning Strikes,” has 10 songs in total. It starts off with a burst of energy and nostalgia with “Rockstar.” It is a thumping, riff-driven bop that transported me back to the early 2000s. The upbeat vocals and catchy melody will stick with you, and the powerful pace will make you want to dance.

The opening note of “Crash Landing” has energy and strength, much like lightning. The vocals are honest and passionate, and they made me want to get up and dance. The beats pulse like a heartbeat. A great experience.

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After the intense energy of “Crash Landing,” “Dirtbag” flows like a breath of fresh air. The softer, smoother tone is a pleasant change of pace. The song remains engaging and fun but with a more relaxed tone.

“Expensive” is a song that takes time to kick off, but once it does, it’s impossible to resist. The catchy music and varied beats will quickly have you dancing along. The guitar work is excellent, and the vocals are heartfelt. Denham’s rap section is a standout, and his fervor gives the music an entirely novel feel.

“Paradise” is a song exuding happiness and celebration. It’s hard not to smile and sing along from the first note. The infectious music and energetic pace will get your feet moving, and the vocals will make you feel like you’re on top of the world. I can picture myself at a huge rock concert where everyone is on top of the world.

“Til I Figure It Out” has a solid, harmonious foundation that is accompanied by an extremely fantastic drumline. With its appealing melody and driving beats, the guitar riffs are the true stars of the show here.

“This Time” is a collaboration between me and Michael Tucker. It is a mid-tempo groove driven by the drums and guitar riffs. The vocals are so amazingly melodic. Halfway through the song, the track takes a turn into an electronic pop-punk ambiance, with a more energetic and upbeat mood making you groove.

“Nightmare” is an incredible combination of blast and melody. It incorporates two separate layers of guitar riffs. The first layer moves at a slow, melodic rhythm, while the second introduces a burst of colorful, high-octane intensity. This punk song is incredibly infectious.

“It’s Okay (To Not Be Okay)” is a nostalgic pop-punk masterpiece that smoothly combines classic elements with a modern edge. The lyrics provide a powerful message, providing comfort and support through difficult times. The lyrics are a soothing balm for those difficult days, like the reassuring words of a close friend.

“My Life Story” begins with deceptive calm, lulling you into a quiet daydream. Don’t be misled, though. It quickly evolves into a high-octane rock earworm that will have you vigorously nodding along. As the grand finale of the album, it leaves you on a high of joy, ready to face whatever challenges life throws at you.

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Enjoy listening to “When Lightning Strikes” by Shock Value here.

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