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Richard Lynch – Radio Friend | Tribute

Country music artist Richard Lynch is no stranger to the all-American traditional music scene. With five albums, a compilation set, and a steady stream of singles since 2014, the musician has been making waves all over the US with his well-loved singles such as “Christmas Time”, “Grandpappy”, and “Hurtin Cheatin Lyin Country Song”. He came out with his first single of the year recently, titled, “Radio Friend” – a laid-back, mellow and heartfelt country track that is a tribute to radio DJs everywhere.

Richard introduces us to his latest release with some excellently recorded acoustic guitars and a soothing riff. A suitable kick-snare rhythm supports a simple, yet effective piano melody along with his deep voice. The artist takes inspiration from classic country artists like Keith Whitley, Conway Twitty and George Strait. It’s quite evident that the artist likes sticking to the raw, natural, acoustic sound of the roots of country music, making his music very refreshing and engaging.

The Waynesville, Ohio-based artist wrote this track in memory of his close family friend Ray Chubby Howard. Richard’s love for God and family translates into his heart-warming music in a way that is very moving. The emotion he puts into his writing and singing shows that he’s an artist that’s here to stay! With over 30 years of experience in the music industry, there’s no doubt that he’s a fantastic songwriter with a love for all things country! This track is another amazing addition to his discography and I urge you to listen to some of his previous songs. His work over the years covers rock, country and pop as well in his unique style that’s quite appealing, so do check out his releases!

The lord has been / So good to him / He helped him do / Just what he wanted to do / He didn’t always know / But god always knew / The hearts he melts / By being on the radio.”

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