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New Arcades- Moods | Retro Pop

New Arcades is a London based duo of Dean Canty and Adam Sullivan. They take influence from vintage synthesizers, pop melodies, and electronic elements, to create a sound that has been described as nostalgic. But also has an edge that’s similar to contemporary artists.

They have contributed an exclusive song to the mobile game RetroDrive. Furthermore, they contributed songs to two recent films including A Light Beneath Their Feet, Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong (2015).

New Arcades has worked with a variety of talented artists. Such as, Timecop1983, NINA, Dana Jean Phoenix, and Futurecop!

Following the release of a number of singles and EPs, Returning Home, their debut album was released towards the end of 2019. The New Arcades remix of “Till Sunrise” was released by Goldroom to kick-off 2021. New Arcade is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year (2022.)

They nailed it when they took the electronic synth-pop approach with “Moods”, an outstanding piece of music. The New Arcades show great ability in using harmonic elements that are very interesting and catching.

Comments on their work reveal how the duo had intended the nostalgic sound experience. Also listening to these beautiful songs remind us of the 1980s. And as a whole, it’s really difficult not to fall in love with New Arcades retro 80’s sound, because they create something truly mesmerizing yet fresh!

It is no easy thing to faithfully recreate the magic of a musical era that was the very best. It is clear here that they took the essence of the original and produced this amazing modern adaptation. Their work is sure to be around for a long time to come.

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