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nasmore – When Will I Learn
nasmore – When Will I Learn

nasmore – When Will I Learn | Enchanting Rock Fest

Canadian music producer, singwriter, and composer nasmore has released a fiery rock single with When Will I Learn. It features ace LA vocalist Cris Hodges whose prolific range includes rock, pop, metal, R&B, and electronic music. The song also features legendary nasmore’s regular collaborator, session guitarist Neil Taylor who has played with artists like Robbie Williams, Tears for Fears, Tina Turner, James Morrison among other. His playing on Tear for Fears album Songs from the Big Chair including Everybody Wants To Rule is part of music history. With such stunning musicians at the helm you just can’t go wrong.

When Will I Learn starts with distorted guitars, reflective synths, and energetic drum fills setting the inertia. We then get an incredible anthemic and catchy chorus putting the sentiments of the narrator out with energy and passion. The lyrics of the song describe the story of a man preparing to jump off the bridge while a mysterious lady persuades him to build lasting bonds and live on. The arrangement and production by nasmore manages to create a no holds barred modern alternative hard rock feast. In When Will I Learn, nasmore shows that he has no limits with his previous releases covering diverse genres such as hip-hop, indie pop, and rock with Hodges and Taylor in the past.

The energetic and emotive vocals by Cris Hodges are reminiscent of George Michael singing rock with hints of Adam Levine, Chester Bennington, and Sam Smith. His vocals are the fuel of the song interpreting the musical narrative with unparalleled artistry. The song ends with a blazing guitar solo by Neil Taylor whose meaty tone and phrasing would make Slash and Marty Friedman fans faint. The songwriting tact of nasmore channels the creative energies of these musicians to create a magnificent rock song that you would keep spinning on repeat.

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