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Molosser – Unsolid | Pleasant Anticipation

Molosser is back with another great composition called ‘Unsolid‘, which was played live at the Barebones Sessions by Tess and Jahn. After hearing their prior live performances, I was incredibly curious to see how they would express themselves and improvise on this one. As soon as the music started, I was completely taken aback by the wonderful aroma of their composition. The songwriting and arrangement both have an exploratory feel to them. This sensation of suspense has a certain beauty to it, and it makes you want to see where they are leading us.

We also get to hear a magnificent amazing solo, which is accompanied by a subtle presence of riff before the verse begins. This composition also contains the delicate intricacy and subtleties that flow like two rivers into the sea with these two guitars. This piece, too, takes you somewhere, and their true commitment in the performance kept us engrossed the entire time. I’m confident that this live performance will leave an indelible impact on music fans of all genres.

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