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Richard Tyler Epperson - A Wandering Mind
Richard Tyler Epperson - A Wandering Mind

Richard Tyler Epperson – A Wandering Mind

Richard Tyler Epperson follows the cues of his mind to map the thoughts of A Wandering Mind in his new album. The singer-songwriter and artist from Salt Lake City, Utah uses indie-rock, mellow pop, and modern classical bleeds to cast a ruminative trance. Comprising of seven songs, the album is an enchanting mist that swathes us with swirling canvases of emotion. There’s a lot to unpack, so let’s get into it!

The album opens with Sunrise. It has a pronounced rock presence. Laced with blues, the glistening lines of guitar melody, accentuated by the baritones, roam the halls of electric beats as they burst with an irrepressible climax. The smooth tongues of classical violins effervesce to beautifully texturize the soundscape.

It’s impressive to see how the artist manipulates loudness and textures to put on a histrionic showcase that unfurls with a cresending grace. 2AM is an acoustic masterpiece. The stripped down sounds are easily its best attributes, depicting the vulnerability of that time of day. And when it is flooded with the magic of synths, it’s hard to resist the levity of the song. And the lyrics are a thoughtful delight, articulating the abstract woes of the mind.

The next song takes us into a classic-rock space, bejeweled with soulful vocals. Everything about We All Need Some Love is feel-good and hearty. With affecting rhythm transitions and dreamy songwriting, the artist creates a buoyant soundscape with melodies and vocals that hang like sparkling stars in the sky. Take It Slow follows in the footsteps of its predecessor in terms of rhythm and emotional appeal. With voluptuous bands of melodies, 80s beats, and a jiving romance, the song streams with an eternal comfort.

With the next song, So Stuck on You, the artist largely uses beats and percussion as the main expressive component. Minimalistic acoustic wisps and lavish vocals spread over a horizon of thumping beats and racing basslines. Epperson creates a dystopian world that is bred by heartache and inescapable melancholy. In the next song,

A Beautiful Day, we see a bright sound pallet. Glassy and shining melodies wink against a warm classical sound wave. Soaring harmonies, wise lyrics, and a hopeful sound opens the heart to the world. Living With My Thoughts concludes the album with a passionate expose. The raw and vulnerable vocals, span wonderfully across the ever-flowing breeze of melodies. It is a melting pot of genres as it seamlessly blends soft acoustic pallets with the tumulus rock themes.

You can learn more about the artist and keep up with his work here – https://www.richardtylerepperson.com

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