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monotone – AC Breeze | Easygoing

How exactly does one say that a particular song is “easy on the ears”? How is it one makes the distinction between a song that belongs better in the background, soundtracking their day, and a number you listen to with full focus– reading into the lyrics and imbibing the spirit of the lyricism into your very core? Read my review of “monotone” by AC Breeze to know where I place this song, and how good it is.

I like to think of categorising songs as either of the two above alluded-to categories depending on how aurally pleasing they are– the kinds of instrumentation that end up getting used, the lyrical themes, yada yada and so on. The true distinction, I think, is in how that song makes you feel– and “monotone” hits it on the head when it comes to sounding relaxed, laid back and easygoing– it just comes naturally to this song.

The instrumentation is a pleasure to listen to, with an extended instrumental introduction with a detailed, yet spacious sound that wafts left and right in the soundstage, creating an atmosphere that draws you into what you’re about to listen to. When the beat drops, it settles into a 5sos-Esque four-on-the-floor drum beat that drives the groove and the instruments. The whole instrumental does a great job of keeping itself together, which is something quite liked about this song.

The vocals are well articulated, with good space in the mix and good delivery of lyrical as well as melodic content. Overall, I have no complaints about “monotone” by AC Breeze. Quite the contrary, I’d say, I quite enjoyed this number. Check out the song here!

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