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Rob Lea – Time of My Life | Hopeful

Rob Lea is UK-based singer from Leeds who is best-known as the frontman of one of the world’s biggest Queen Tribute Bands – Majesty. He has been releasing music since early 2022 and recently came out with his fourth studio single “Time of My Life” – an upbeat, feel-good pop track that has a classic rock feel to it. Featuring Rob’s Freddie Mercury-inspired vocals, excellent instrumentation and strong production, “Time of My Life” is one of those tracks that hit all the right spots!

Rob kicks off the track with a guitar-driven progression over which he sings about hardwork and sacrifice.

“I’m a pain, I know that I’m too good, too serious / I work all day, it’s making you delirious / No need to scream / I promise you I’ll finish when I’m done.”

Most people who work a 9-to-5 develop a very work-centric life sooner of later. Sacrifices must be made, and rejection has to be endured for all the hardwork to be rewarded. Rob puts this into perspective and talks about how he’s putting in his best effort in everything does currently, and that he’ll have the ‘time of his life’ right before he dies, when he can let it all loose and party like never before!

Through his simple and relatable writing on this track, he conveys an inspiring message filled with optimism and hope. Rob’s vocal is accompanied by guitars, drums and a few bright synths in the verses. The top-notch production of the track really shines through in the chorus that’s filled with lush harmonies and has a lot of energy; Rob really nails it here!

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