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Jimmy Harvey- Call Me Back (When You’re Sober) (Maya Yenn Remix) | Peachy Keen

Looking for an alt-pop singer-songwriter who promotes openness and inclusivity? Look no further than Jimmy Harvey! The London-based artist is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and his music reflects his commitment to inclusion. His most recent singles, “Boy In My Mind” and “Call Me Back (When You’re Sober),” both debuted on BBC Introducing. Check out Jimmy Harvey’s music to experience his unique sound and powerful message!

Jimmy, in collaboration with Maya Yenn, has released a new single, “Call Me Back (When You’re Sober) (Maya Yenn Remix).” The song is so refreshing and upbeat. Maya Yenn has done an amazing job at mixing the original and giving it a new vibe. The musical effects, the synths, and the basslines come together to create a song that is so magical and peppy. The production of this song is just really cool, very modern, and minimalistic but still groovy at the same time. This song is one that you would want to listen to while driving down the road or just chilling at home with your favorite drink in hand. Jimmy and Maya Yenn’s new single is sure to get your feet tapping. “Call Me Back (When You’re Sober) (Maya Yenn Remix)” has an infectious beat, and it will get you humming all day long. The remix by Maya Yenn takes the original song and adds her own personal touch, giving it an extra bit of pizazz. It is so refreshing and creative, it’s hard not to fall in love with it. Jimmy’s vocals, the musical arrangement, and Maya’s remix all come together to create a track that is perfect for summertime.

Enjoy listening to Call Me Back (When You’re Sober) (Maya Yenn Remix) here.

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