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No Matter the Crime - Russell Thomas
No Matter the Crime - Russell Thomas

Russell Thomas – No Matter the Crime | Melodic Revelations

Russell Thomas is a singer-songwriter based in Sheffield, United Kingdom. Inspired by artists like Shirley Bassey and Whitney Houston, he uses his sound to candidly share his deepest emotions and feeling. Through careful and methodical melody curations, the artist reveals small parts of his emotional landscape with every song. No Matter the Crime by Russel Thomas is the artist’s latest musical revelation.

The song begins with colorful guitar and piano melodies, harmonizing and bleeding into each other. Sporting smoky vocals, the verses are characterized by several layers of beautiful harmonies; creating stray tangents of music that loop back to become a part of the song again.

The song is a personal letter written by the artist, cataloguing his journey to forgive someone who took their life prematurely. Despite the song’s dark theme, the tone and emotions employed by the artist is overwhelming with kindness and empathy. At the end of the day, the love and memories formed with the person far outweighs the their unfortunate choice.

“Always forgive you no matter the crime” perfectly articulates the artist’s magnanimous love for the person in question. The artist encourages his listeners to perceive the choices of others with unlimiting love and empathy; to truly understand them and the circumstances of their choices. Using lilting vocals, optimistic melodies and hopeful metaphors, the artist urges us to drop the burden of anger and pain and liberate ourselves with forgiveness and love.

The song climaxes beautifully with blooming melodies, enlarged by wispy braids of innumerable harmonies. The baritone vocals of the artist centers the musical bloom, where he promises to forgive, no matter the crime.

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Russell Thomas – No Matter the Crime

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