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Alec Berlin - Minir Maad
Alec Berlin - Minir Maad

Alec Berlin – Minir Maad

Alec Berlin presents his new alt-rock instrumental, Minir Maad as an emotive soundscape that delves into the inky depths of loneliness and profound introspection. The EP features his previous releases like Patchen Avenue and Life in the Bog also. The molten tongue of guitar sways and winds through a valley of beats. Its warm stream portrays a scenic continuum of melody that is immersive in incredible ways.

Taken from the EP of the same title, the song opens the diverse album, that showcases the virtuosic skill of the artist. His penchant for experimentation and love for storytelling is a recurring theme across the album as he realizes his artistic vision. This title track is especially inspired by Paul Bowles’s novel The Sheltering Sky. And Berlin’s expansive sound and enlarging weaves carries the endlessness of the sky.

The artist uses a prolonged guitar soliloquy to create an atmosphere of solitude and introspection. The diving depths of the narrative has a intense and concentrated emotional impact. An infinite melancholy is built into the lamentous fabric. And the emanating heat of the soundscape, casts a pensive mist that draws into a soothing and humbling. reverie.

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