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TATE SEDAR-  Hold On (Tate Sedar Remix For Ukraine) | Awe Inspiring

TATE SEDAR is certainly not afraid to go big when it comes to making an impact with his music. TATE, the up-and-coming producer, and DJ has been making waves in the EDM world with his unique blend of electro and progressive house and has already garnered attention from some of the biggest names in the scene. Don Diablo, Cash Cash, Wolfgang Gartner, DallasK, and Henry Fong are just a few artists who SEDAR has performed with, and his latest single, “Find a way,” has been getting some serious buzz. There’s no doubt that SEDAR is an artist to watch.

Having said that, the artist has come up with a new release, “Hold On (TATE SEDAR Remix For Ukraine).” The electro-influenced beat is both powerful and mesmerizing, which makes it very hard to listen to just once. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more music from him in the future! This remix is sure to hold you on your feet. The main reason why this remix works so well is that it takes an existing song and gives it a new life. It’s not just a rehash—it’s an update that improves upon the original while still keeping its core essence intact. He knows how to take an already-good song and transform it into something even better—something that will inspire people to dance hard at their next party or club bash. The energy of TATE SEDAR’s remix for Ukraine sets the pace for this release, with a compelling and infectious beat that will stop listeners in their tracks.

The purpose behind the song is empowering and uplifting. Despite the uncertain times we are currently living in, the lyrics encourage listeners to have courage and determination. It doesn’t matter if you’re listening with headphones on or blasting this out of your car speakers—this remix has enough energy for everyone to put on their dancing shoes and vibe the night away! This blend of Justin Bieber’s original Hold On has truly gone above and beyond any expectations I had for this remix.

DONATE to the fundraiser Razom for Ukraine on SEDAR’s IG BIO or other related causes at

DONATE/STREAM: tatesedarmusic.streamlink.to/holdon-tatesedaredit

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