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promise - faith louise
promise - faith louise

Faith Louise – Promise | Blue Burn

Faith Lousie is a pop artist and a singer-songwriter from United Kingdom. The artist has an explosive music technique that propagates her youth and burdgeoning energy to her audience. With an acute sophistication, Louise weilds her musical compositions to incite grappling sensations that instantly make you feel great. With her latest release Promise, Faith Louise explores themes of betrayal and vengenace.

The song starts off with a robotic vocal melody that is followed by the energetic vocals of the artist. The song is the perfect dance music with its quick and successive beat cycles. The artist’s vocals have a wonderful depth, lending a strength to the song. Simple and quickly progressing, the song flows with an effortless ease.

The song is a party pop anthem, sporting catchy lyrics and perfect groove cycles. The artist infuses the song with the rage of betrayal and being cheated on. The music burns like a blue fire under the artist’s vocals, a cold heat searing through the song. We also see a slowing vocal impasse at the bridge and a colorful vocal harmony in the outro.

The artist makes the protagonist’s urgent anger and chilling vengence relatable. The song burns and sears your brain with electric energy. Invoking chaos and inciting a full on dance energy, the song liberates you with its high energy and dark musical grooves.

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music and Apple Music.

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Promise by Faith Louise

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