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Another Day Another Dollar – Carsten Schnell | Jazzy

It is not often that I get to visit a jazz-laden piece in my reviews, despite being a big fan of it in my actual life. There is something about jazz that just gets my head bumping at umpteen time signatures, somehow catching enough of them in time to make my eyes widen in a smile– and that is exactly what happened with “Another Day Another Dollar” by Carsten Schnell. There is much I have to talk about this song, so stay tuned.

When it comes to this song, the sky truly is the limit, traversing labyrinthine passages that all come together to make something sound so unique, that one can tell right from the first second– that there is a lot of mastery in the process behind the songwriting, the playing, the production, everything. The track sounds polished, to the extent that I would not have batted an eye at all if this came on in the middle of a playlist filled with jazz greats, and music hall-of-Famers; and I say this with no hyperbole intended.

The lead guitar tone suits the genre and the playing perfectly, and the old-school synths in the background give Another Day Another Dollar a nice and mellow tone, with enough going on between the bars to keep my interest piqued for every second that went by. The intricacy in jazz is something I’m quite the sucker for, and this song is far from disappointing. The bass is done well, tasteful as it should be– and this is all wrapped in a spacey, roomy mix that breathes excellently. I have nothing negative, or even neutral to say about this piece– all smiles all along!

Another Day Another Dollar, by Carsten Schnell, solidifies my belief in the turn that modern jazz is taking, and reaffirms to me that the future of such a unique genre is, truly, in excellent and capable hands. Check out Another Day Another Dollar by Carsten Schnell here!

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