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Sarves Thiru-Harmony: Lokah Samstah
Sarves Thiru-Harmony: Lokah Samstah
Sarves Thiru-Harmony: Lokah Samstah

Sarves Thiru-Harmony: Lokah Samastah | Together we rise

Sarves Thiru has had an exciting series of experiences that make her a person and singer. Based in London, born and raised in Malaysia with a Carnatic music background-her experiences through life dictate her music. Blending elements of Southern Indian music with Western instruments and beautiful harmonies, this is her latest single, Harmony: Lokah Samastah.

The sentiment is simple, may all beings everywhere be happy. In this time of turmoil and peril, this message is more relevant than ever. Delivering sweet, curated notes with accuracy and heavenly piano arrangements, the track only builds. Progressing to a gripping chorus, harmonies come together like the message of the song, while the lyrics take control of your psyche. There are no complications and distractions, just the music and the message it carries so well. Sarves Thiru does a phenomenal job with her voice control and picture perfect vocals.

Her other track released is called Guru’s Greatness: Guru Brahma. Though the themes are spiritual, Sarves Thiru does make sure there are elements from everywhere-parts that are global that people relate to. In this, she keeps the part of herself which has been moulded by Carnatic music. She also strikes a balance which is very difficult to manage with her amalgamation of elements like strings that elevate the track to divinity. Listen to her single here:

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