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Craig Cooney – December | Glimpses

Kildare rapper and singer-songwriter in his new track “December,Craig Cooney takes us on a trip down memory lane. The writing eloquently depicts the highlights of the previous year. He describes the ups and downs that we have seen and how he is optimistically looking forward in a positive manner. Rowlette, an indie-pop musician, contributes vocals to the song, which supports and adds a nostalgic flavour to the mood. Rowlette does a fantastic job of keeping the melody going. They sound so good together. Overall, the atmosphere and clarity of the words conveyed allowed the song to travel with precision and conviction as the tune progressed. The changes between the voices were very smooth.

The harmonies and ad-libs in the song are so important that they not only sound appealing but also break up the monotony, keeping us hooked. The tune features strong rhythms, with the Piano layer handling the progression. The guitar fills do a good job of filling in the gaps. In addition, the chorus is really engaging. I had a great time listening to the song. It has a great combination of some meaningful lines that hit you right in the heart after seeing what has likely been the roughest year for many of us, and then listening to the track makes us feel grateful and thankful to have this life. So I am confident that the song will strike a chord with many people, and that we will hear profound reflections of ourselves when we listen intently to the lyrics.

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