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Rob Eberle - far
Rob Eberle - far

Rob Eberle – far

New York-based singer-songwriter, Rob Eberle, has released yet another piece of his heart with his new single, far. Despite being 17 years old, the artist has a firm grasp on the affairs of the heart and articulates mature themes like grief and heartbreak elegantly.

Serene and calming, piano keys drip into the track. The smoky baritone vocals of the artist filter through the unmoving and levitating melodies. Sparkling ripples of synths flow into the song with illuminating grace and tempo. Like a dragon’s tail, the melodies move with a lithe, encircling the vocals. Blue and melancholic, the vocals decorate the soundscape with their deep emotional force.

A line of muffled drum beats march into the song and sets it into a motion. Magical weaves of synths and harmonies streak over them like shooting stars. We also see the use of vocal distortions and mirroring melodies shroud the track with mystery and darkness. The artist skillfully uses resounding basslines to subtly cast a gloom that creeps up on us.

The song is a bleak fairy tale told beautifully. Its hypnotic appeal draws us in and gives us a strange comfort. Reminiscent of Billie Eilish, the composition is thoroughly engaging and hauntingly enchanting. The artist uses poetic lyrics that sprout imageries in our mind and brings his experience to life. Visuals blossom and vanish into the synth wisps. Stimulating all our senses, the song comes together like a dream.

Listen to far by Rob Eberle here –

Rob Eberle – far

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