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Misanthropic Therapy-Realm of the Absurd
Misanthropic Therapy-Realm of the Absurd
Misanthropic Therapy-Realm of the Absurd

Misanthropic Therapy revive black metal energy with their debut, “Realm of the Absurd”

Misanthropic Therapy gives you a static shock like no other. This is a band with an electric persona, and creates quite an impact with their sound. With only their debut single out-there is quite a lot to take in. Indie black metal gets a thunderous entrance, and none shall be spared. This is their single, Realm of the Absurd.

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Misanthropic Therapy have a blistering opening

For those getting their initiation, black metal is a precise, dark and genre solidifying art sub-genre. The opening with the killer riffs and blast beats are enough to understand this. The riff is an incredibly dark, Candlemass and King Diamond originating kind of delivery. There are defined moments that sound like the best of Mayhem as well. It pushes the boundaries of what is considered to be “pure”, while having all the signature elements in it. Incredible production and a tight performance make this a superb cell of dark energy to draw from. You can practically picture the mosh pits coming together to annihilate into one large wall of death. If a song like this doesn’t get a crowd going, nothing will. A stellar debut from Misanthropic Therapy. Bonkers. 

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You can expect a lot from this kind of energy. The band is literally just beginning, and you know they’ll tear up a venue with music like this. Black metal is rejuvenated, and the elements, thank you. Misanthropic Therapy, a very Ronnie James Dio salute to you. Listen to their single here:

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