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Sufa – San Andreas
Sufa – San Andreas

Sufa – San Andreas | Fusion Rock Concoction

Tel Aviv instrumental experimental fusion alternative rock band Sufa grant us a bomb of a song with their latest single San Andreas. The single artwork consists of a classic car flying out of what seems like mars. This imagery while great barely scratches the roll coaster ride that is the song.

The song commences with a heavy and innovative rock intro. The intro riff has a gritty bass line harmonized with industrial sounding guitars and a crazy syncopated drum fill. A layer of awesomeness enters with the musical motif in the riff getting harmonized by the synths. An eclectic progressive jazz fusion guitar lead then commences which is lifted by some mind boggling fusion drumming. We then proceed to a key change from a synth riff progression that keeps you hooked insanely. All this while being firmly rhythmically tight and rooted in the groove. Tightness perfosinied by Sufa!

After the instrumental madness, we get a calmer break with a synth bass and some synth key lines which tone down the energy packed previous sections. However, before you sense it you are driven to a rocking chorus outro which keep you on the edge.

One of the best modern progressive fusion rock songs I have heard. Diverse musical elements are used to keep the tension and musical attention engaged. The song is incredibly innovative and makes use of several motifs. However, each musical phrase and idea flow into the other organically in a storyline manner. And I am a sucker for musical storytelling.

San Andreas by Sufa is a sweet delight of an innovative musical fusion cocktail that satisfies cerebral and emotional brain cells.

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