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IRYS – Waiting Syndrome
IRYS – Waiting Syndrome

IRYS – Waiting Syndrome | Dark Trip

Waiting Syndrome is the latest moody and powerful electronic pop single by Berlin singer-songwriter and producer IRYS. She has been producing her own music since 2021. She has been a singer in the choir and playing guitar since her childhood. Rooted in the Berlin electro musical scene, she had a transition from acoustic singer-songwriter to electronic pop format. No matter the format, the core songwriting is solid.

The song begins with some processed vocals and a haunting sonic backdrop. A compelling vocal performance by IRYS greets us in the electropop based arrangement. The chorus makes use of synth production that maintains the spooky and haunting vibe with plenty of energy. A moody and atmospheric soundscape is created through the use of synthesizers and electronic beats. An overall tight production by IRYs! The haunting and emotive vocals are the perfect match for the music, and she delivers each line with raw intensity and passion.

One can hear the influences of a darker The Weeknd and FKA Twigs with great experimentation here. It features a haunting, atmospheric production that sets the stage for emotive vocals. The song’s electronic beats and synths add to the overall mood of the track, creating a sense of tension and unease. This dark electronic pop song is a powerful and emotive listening experience that showcases her talents as a singer and songwriter. Brooding and atmospheric track that blends elements of electronic, pop, and industrial music to create a unique and powerful sound.

IRYS has a dark catchy electronic pop song evoking intricate emotion on her hands with Waiting Syndrome.

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