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Ruiz! – The Human Touch
Ruiz! – The Human Touch

Ruiz! – The Human Touch | Crashing Down

The Human Touch is the latest single by multi-genre Sheffield, UK-based and Catalan by birth artist Hugh Ruiz or Ruiz! From his digitally pulsating new wave post-punk number Falling, here we get an alternative and indie rock number that will keep you hooked. Being a musician for over three decades, he is also a classically trained pianist and cellist. He has been a prominent rock bassist touring for several bands over the years. This while also being a teacher.

The Human Touch begins with a bang with an indie rock sound featuring guitars, organs/keys, and some intricate drum fills. The instrumental passage after the midway sounds stunning. Vocal harmonies are multi-layered and coupled with the crazy arrangement sound amazing. The vocal performance ranges from falsetto to great vocal harmonies. We get to hear the post punk sound here as well. Great song by Ruiz!

With driving drums and pulsing bass lines, the intricate guitar riffs follow a strong base. The vocals are energetic and dynamic, adding to the song’s overall sense of excitement. Despite its catchy nature, the song is complex and layered, with each instrument contributing to the overall sonic template in a pertinent way. The guitar riffs are particularly noteworthy, weaving in and out of the other instruments in a way that is both playful and precise.

Overall, “The Human Touch” by Ruiz! is a testament to the indie new wave post-punk genre, combining elements of new wave, post-punk, and indie rock to create a sound that is both energetic and experimental.

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