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Proklaim goes into lyrical limbo with his latest hip-hop endeavour, “SOMEBODY”

Proklaim always knew how to stir the pot with his music. An innovative, young rapper with poetry running in his veins, he knows how to bring the heat with his music. As a musician, he is always pushing his own envelope of music and execution. He is constantly featured in lyrical genius rap playlists, and you’ll hear why. This is his most popular track to date, SOMEBODY

With a simple, catchy background, he knows the rest of the canvas is his to work with. Using powerful imagery and classy strokes, he moves gallantly. If he is in battle, he leads by example. Proklaim uses his music as a tool of empowerment, for himself and others. At no time does he relax within the song, it is relentless lyric after another. With the kind of agency only seasoned rappers have, he tears up the silence in a way only someone with heavy words can. Sharp, concise and specific-he brings you to listen to each of his words. The background seems to melt into your skin, the slow lead something you hook to. At a little over 4 minutes, he brings forward more facts than many governments have over decades. He owns the envelope. 

I have had the pleasure of reviewing his other single, IDK in 2022. I can only vouch for his improved state of flow, the lyrical prowess and the kind of immersive background Proklaim uses. Listen to his latest single Valley as well, and follow him for more superb music like this!

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