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PolSky’s Rainbow Road
PolSky’s Rainbow Road
PolSky - Rainbow Road

PolSky’s Rainbow Road From Their Album Executive Functions Is an Electronic Pop Song That Brings a Fresh New Soundscape to the Table

Get ready for some hard-hitting, punchy grooves as you tune into the song by PolSky, Rainbow Road. This incredibly catchy song belongs to the band’s 2023 album, Executive Functions. But before we get to what you can expect from this track, let us know something about the band.

PolSky traces its inception back to the founder Kriss Warren’s bedroom music scene, where it used to be just him working and noodling over some electronic soundscapes, and what gradually followed was the involvement of other musicians until it shaped up as a fully formed band. The members of Polsky are Kriss Warren on electronics and vocals, Ben Warn on Keyboards, Alex Robertson on drums, and Chris Norman on bass.

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Let us see what this particular song offers the listeners!

Rainbow Road, PolSky’s song from their album Executive Connections, catches the listeners’ attention right from the start as it commences with a very unconventional sort of electronic beat on top of which a synth line stands tall. Moreover, the synth works as the foreground of the song’s background along with the punchy bass grooves, the notes of which fall in the right sonic pockets that make you start grooving to the track in an instant.

Besides the musical elements that draw the attention of the listeners right from the start, the vocals deserve a special mention, and when we talk about the voices, it is not only the male vocals but also the additional colour of the female voice that works as a harmonic element, thereby adding more to the beauty of the track.

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So, don’t wait up and quickly tune in to PolSky’s Rainbow Road, and this track will surely blow your mind. You can listen to it here:

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