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Ben Arsenault-Turning Back
Ben Arsenault-Turning Back
Ben Arsenault-Turning Back

Ben Arsenault-Turning Back | A rising star

A bit James Taylor, sometimes Iron & Wine. Ben Arsenault has a wide range of influences. As his music shows, he dives into beautiful instrumental pockets of sound, with meaningful, poetic and heartfelt lyrics. There is an impressive build and tale behind each track and attempt. This is his latest single, Turning Back.

With a standard, heartbeat like tempo, the song is a rhythmic joy to listen to. You can almost see the notes dance in progression to create a complex series of sounds. Ben Arsenault makes it a point that you hear and explore the instrumental part first, before his lyrics come in. With a peculiar voice, Ben guides you down the path where he shows you the joyous wonder that is his muse. It is a brilliantly executed song, simple lyrics and clean, crisp instrumentals make it a delight to hear. His approach to music is the same as a story, the flow is natural and leads like jewels on a string.

He has released another track earlier this year, called Hold On To You. Using complex moments or fragments of his memory and life, his songs of love and life are just like anyone else’s experiences. His way with words is such that you feel like you’ve shared the moment with him. Listen to his graceful single here:

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